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Yanis Varoufakis - Ecofin 19/06/2015



Intervention in today’s ECOFIN by Greece ’s Minister of Finance after the Eurogroup President briefed the meeting on the previous day’s Eurogroup discussion on Greece ’s negotiations with its creditors

In yesterday’s Eurogroup the Greek authorities presented a wide-ranging, comprehensive and credible proposal that can be the foundation of an agreement that not only concludes the current program but also, importantly, addresses decisively, and permanently, Greece ’s future funding needs. Regrettably, no discussion of our proposal took place within the Eurogroup. Even more regrettably, instead of that essential discussion, we observed pernicious ‘leaks’ to the press regarding Greece ’s banking system. The Greek government considers that these two failures jeopardise European people’s common interests and welcomes the decision to hold an extraordinary European Union Summit next Monday evening. The weekend that intervenes offers the opportunity to all interested parties to prepare for a successful Summit . The eyes of all Europeans are upon us. We have a duty to come to the redemptive agreement they expect in the interests of all.


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